Agricultural services

SOLARIS offers several services to its partner producers. From the choice of soil to the marketing of products, we are alongside our producers. Here are the different services offered.

Sensitization and organization of producers

The practice of organic farming is a courageous and conscious decision. 
So that producers abandon traditional cultivation methods and renounce the use of chemical pesticides, we are doing a great job of raising awareness about the benefits of organic farming in our communities. 
For producers who agree to lead the adventure with us by opting for organic farming, we group them together in a cooperative in each village.
We regularly conduct training and discussion meetings with them in order to equip them for the task. 

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Pre-financing of producers

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Our partners

We have vast orange orchards, producers of sweet potatoes, hibiscus flowers, yams, ginger, turmeric … which we can convert to an organic producer if the market is available.